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More Than Just Skin Cancer Prevention

At Rayward Apparel, we are not only passionate about providing high-quality sun protective clothing for men and women, but we are also dedicated to making a positive impact on the fight against melanoma and other skin cancers. Through our charity partnerships, we actively contribute to melanoma research and support organizations that are working tirelessly to find a cure for this devastating disease.

One of the ways we give back is by donating a portion of our proceeds to reputable melanoma research organizations. By purchasing our products, you are not only protecting yourself from harmful UV rays, but you are also contributing to the advancement of melanoma research and helping to improve the lives of those affected by this condition.

Our charity partnerships are carefully selected to ensure that your contributions are making a meaningful difference. We collaborate with organizations that are at the forefront of melanoma research, funding groundbreaking studies, clinical trials, and innovative treatments. By supporting these organizations, we are helping to accelerate the progress towards finding a cure for melanoma.

At Rayward Apparel, we are proud to be part of the fight against melanoma. We believe that by combining our expertise in sun protective clothing with our dedication to supporting melanoma research, we can make a difference in the lives of individuals and families affected by this disease. Together, we can work towards a future where melanoma is no longer a threat.

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About Rayward

Rayward Apparel is committed to wearable sun protection and skin cancer prevention because you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort, style or performance for UV protection. 

More Adventure. Less Exposure.

Skin cancer is the #1 diagnosed cancer in America, but it’s often preventable with proper UV protection. Rayward Apparel exclusively designs lab-certified sun protective clothing that doesn’t sacrifice comfort, style or convenience.

Our vision extends beyond clothing with Rayward Apparel’s commitment to preventing skin cancer. We’re proud partners of the Melanoma Research Alliance, the world’s largest non-profit funder of melanoma research, in our fight against skin cancer. Rayward Apparel donates 5% of online sales to the Melanoma Research Alliance, all of which directly funds MRA’s critical research.

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Founder Devin Regan on Why he Started Rayward:

"The melanoma diagnosis was a wakeup call, and the quick discovery probably saved my life. I knew I needed to do something to help prevent others from suffering a worse fate. My goal for Rayward Apparel is simple: create the type of apparel I should have been wearing all along—one that protects as well as it performs.”

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We work with adventure minded businesses to help them create their very own branded products to resell to their customers. This can be done for any shirts, hats, or accessories we carry. Our team handles everything from the initial design all the way until the final product is delivered to your door - all at wholesale rates!

With this service our clients can customize every aspect of the product - fabric color, design, logos, logo color, fit, and more. Best of all, all custom orders are lab certified to provide the highest level of UV protection possible.

The image to the right is an example of a UPF 50+ Bucket Hat we developed for The David Hasselhogs - a charity organization dedicated to helping families fight pediatric brain cancer.

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Rayward Apparel
Rayward Apparel
Rayward Apparel
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The Crescent City Collection

Soft, moisture-wicking and ultra lightweight bamboo! Rayward Apparel’s Crescent City Collection features our lightest fabric yet, offering certified UPF 50+ protection with the perfect combination of performance and comfort.

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We are thrilled to be partnered with one of the largest skin cancer related charities in the world – one that shares our vision and mission.  The Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) is the largest non-profit funder of melanoma research. Since its founding in 2007, MRA has committed $131 million in funding to advance our understanding of this disease. MRA funds projects in the areas of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, with the majority of funding allocated for melanoma treatment.

In addition to working closely with The Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) to raise awareness for skin cancer prevention, Rayward Apparel will also donate 5% of all online sales to support their research. Not only are they the largest non-profit funder of melanoma research, but 100% of all donations go directly to this research.

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