5 Reasons a UPF Shirt Is Better Than Sunscreen

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We love sunscreen and we love sun shirts, but which one is better? Generally, a combination of both will be your best option. There are always going to be parts of your body which will need protection that a shirt won’t cover. For instance, your face, hands, neck and legs. However, for areas like your chest, back, and arms, UPF shirts are a better option for a few reasons:

1. UPF Shirts provide FULL coverage so you can’t miss a spot

Rubbing in sunscreen over your entire body is not always a thorough process and spots are often missed, resulting in red streaks and blotches on your skin in areas which were accidentally unprotected. And unless you have the flexibility of an Olympic gymnast, it’s nearly impossible to get your entire back without recruiting someone else to help. A sun protective shirt, on the other hand, eliminates both of these issues, ensuring you are fully protected everywhere the shirt sits.

2. No reapplication needed

Sunscreens often have a water resistance rating listed on the bottle, stating the amount of time you should be protected regardless of the circumstances. However, this does not guarantee you are fully covered for that length of time, especially if you are swimming or sweating. At a minimum, regardless of your activity, you should be re-applying every two hours—which is often forgotten or ignored. Also, re-application is never an easy process. Once you're covered in sand or start sweating, it’s never easy to completely dry off to properly reapply sunscreen. A UPF shirt avoids both of these issues because it doesn't ever need reapplication—so have fun in the sun without the need to strictly monitor your exposure time.

Sunset Paddleboarding with UPF Apparel

3. Sunscreen costs add up quickly, so UPF shirts pay for themselves

To cover their entire body, most adults need to apply approximately 1oz of sunscreen. The cost of 1oz of highly-rated sunscreen could be around $3 / oz, so about $3 per application. If you are out in the sun for 6 hours, those three applications throughout the day cost about $9 for just one day of proper protection. A high quality UPF shirt will cost more up front, but will last a LONG time and quickly prove its value as it allows you to use merely a fraction of the sunscreen you would otherwise use every time you’re out in the sun. Simply by wearing your UPF apparel, you'll save money on skin protection.

4. UPF Shirts are always broad spectrum, providing full protection

It’s important that whatever you decide to do, you protect yourself with a broad spectrum option. Any sunscreen that does not provide broad spectrum coverage is only protecting you from half of the sun's damaging UV rays. Unlike sunscreen, sun protective fabric is always broad spectrum.

Climbing with UPF Apparel Sun Protection

5. Ease of coverage - UPF Shirts are quicker and easier to put on

With a sun protective shirt, you can immediately get proper coverage. You won’t need to recruit your friend to get your back, and you can get out the door faster. This means you get onto whatever fun activity you had planned without having to stop and lather up. We still recommend you take a moment to hit any exposed skin with sunscreen. However, putting on a sun shirt is much easier and faster than trying to properly cover your torso and arms.

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