Best Sun Hat for the Beach

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What’s a beach day without some pleasant sunshine? To make sure you’re enjoying that sun, and not feeling its wrath, be sure to protect yourself with a UPF beach hat. With so many options to choose from, how do you find the best sun hat for the beach? The answer is simple: trust UPF bucket sun hats from Rayward Apparel. Keep reading to find out why our Sun Ops bucket sun hat is your best sun hat for the beach!

Bucket Sun Hats Keep You Cool

The busiest beach seasons are when the weather is warmest, so it’s important that your beach hat keeps you cool. The lightweight, breathable fabric of Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops bucket sun hat actually helps your body stay cool. By blocking the sun’s UV radiation, a bucket beach hat helps your body maintain a safe core temperature. Plus, since our hats' fabrics maintain a UPF rating even when wet, you can soak your bucket sun hat in cool water for instant relief, or even wear it out into the waves!

Practical Style = A Practically Perfect Beach Hat

Rayward Apparel’s UPF beach hats are practically perfect in every way (Mary Poppins would be proud!), combining beach-going performance with practical features. For instance, the adjustable chin strap ensures a secure fit even under high beach winds. And if you take the boat out, you won’t lose your bucket sun hat in the wake! You can also adjust our favorite beach hat’s width using the discrete drawcord located on the back. This provides as snug a fit as you’d like with a circumference fit for you! What’s more, the entire hat is safely machine-washable, so you can easily wash off that ocean smell, sea salt and beach sand. When you’re done, just wring it out and put it back on or fold it up for compact, easy transport!

Walking on Beach without UPF Hat

All-day UV Protection with a Bucket Sun Hat

A good beach day is full of fun in the sun, but that comes at a cost of hours of exposure to damaging UV rays. The first step for any successful beach trip is planning for sun protection. Rather than hiding in the miserly shade of a few palm trees, or constantly shifting to stay beneath an umbrella's moving shade, why not wear your shade? A bucket sun hat provides just that—wearable shade that you never have to chase!

The large, shapeable brim provides 360-degrees of protection from the sun. This means our Sun Ops bucket sun hat provides more protection than a baseball hat, which exposes your ears to the sun. Plus, with your brim angled properly, your bucket sun hat will help protect your nose, mouth and neck. Even still, protect against indirect UV rays reflecting off sand and water, and remember to watch your shadow. When in doubt, use this quick shadow test: if your shadow is shorter than you are, then the sun’s UV rays are strongest. This is the most critical time to have your hat on. Fortunately, this is also when your bucket beach hat protects your face and neck the most.

For your next beach trip, we can’t guarantee good weather, cool breezes and that perfect spot in the sand. However, we can guarantee the UV protection of our UPF-certified bucket sun hat. Just remember, UPF hats and apparel should still always be worn with broad spectrum sunscreen because it’s nearly impossible to protect every part of your body with clothing alone. Nevertheless, for areas that can be protected with UPF fabrics, like your head, arms and torso, choose UPF rated protection from Rayward Apparel.

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