Best Sun Protection Activewear

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Sometimes sweating is believing, especially in the case of activewear. When it comes to making the most of your workouts and active time, few things have as big of an impact as your chosen activewear. This is even more true when your activity is outdoors, no matter how leisurely or strenuous. For active time spent in the sun, you absolutely need sun protection workout clothes. Sun protection activewear shirts, for example, offer trustworthy UV protection without sacrificing performance. The result of which is comfortable performance, time and time again. Keep reading as we explore the keys to finding the best sun protection activewear.

Beach Runner in Activewear

Keep Calm and Control Your Workout

If you want to be active outdoors, don't limit your activities because of concerns about sun damage. Instead, limit your UV exposure with sun protective activewear. Thanks to UV protection activewear, especially those designed and rated with UPF 30+ UV protection, you can keep active when and where you want. To chase your outdoor passions and make the most of your active time, choose sun protection activewear shirts with labeled UV protection ratings to ensure your skin is protected from the sun.

Sun Protection Activewear Won't Quit

Staying active and keeping up with a routine isn't always easy. With limited time and energy, you might already have pesky excuses attacking your resolve before you even start. For your greatest chance of fending off the naysayers, including those in your own head, equip yourself with the best-suited activewear. When the sun and heat threaten your activities, turn to Rayward Apparel's performance sun protection activewear. Combining lab-tested sun protection and world-tested performance, Rayward Apparel's sun protective activewear (and athleisure) gives you the confidence you need to replace "quit it" with "get it."

Athlete Strength, Athleisure Comfort

The best activewear has to be both strong enough for rigorous activities, but also comfortable enough for when it's time to cool down, kick back and relax. For sun protection activewear, this is all in addition to being able to prevent sun damage. Rayward Apparel’s performance activewear lineup boasts at minimum UPF 30+ sun protection (often UPF 50+), and our shirts are soft and lightweight. Each of Rayward Apparel's activewear collections is made with fabrics selected specifically for their ability to provide the comfort you deserve while blocking the UV rays you don't. You could go with the buttery soft bamboo blends of our Sun Bound or Crescent City collections, or the fast-drying and lightweight performance of our Shoreline Collection. Either way, you're protected with durable fabrics and reliable UPF protection.

UPF Activewear Rock Climbing

Less Distracted = More Active

You deserve clothing that helps you make the most of your activities. Whether your idea of active means cross-training for your next competition, or throwing a frisbee with friends, you'll enjoy it more when you experience it with fewer distractions. One of the worst distractions? Sun burn. Protect your skin against sun damage with sun protective activewear that blocks harmful UV rays. This means less time spent applying sunscreen. This means less frustration trying to get to those hard-to-reach spots on your back. It means less time checking your watch to see how long it's been since you last applied sunscreen. This means less to pack, and less to carry. And best of all, this means less sun damage.

For the best activewear and athleisure gear, choose Rayward Apparel. Our recommendation is to start with the unbeatable lightweight performance of our Shoreline Collection of sun protection activewear shirts, featuring quick-drying comfort and UPF sun protection. Shop Rayward Apparel’s sun protection workout clothing today!