Best Sun Protection Shirts For Hot Weather

Rayward Apparel

The best sun shirts for hot weather balance lightweight breathability with trustworthy UV protection, both of which you’ll get with the men’s long sleeve sun protection shirts from Rayward Apparel. But what exactly makes this the BEST sun protection shirt for hot weather? Continue reading as we outline the many benefits of our UPF shirt collection, not the least of which is an ultraviolet protection factor rating that blocks over 97% of harmful UV rays.

Sun Shirts to Stay Cool in Hot Weather

For many, the natural response to combat hot weather and rising temperatures is to wear fewer layers, exposing more skin. While this feels good momentarily, exposing more skin increases your risk of sunburn and harmful UV damage. To combat this while staying cool and safe under the sun, we recommend UPF lightweight long sleeve sun protection shirts. While it may seem counterintuitive to wear a long sleeve shirt in hot weather, when the fabric blend is as lightweight and breathable as our combination of cotton, viscose from bamboo and lycra, then the finished product is surprisingly cool. Of course, if needed, our UPF short sleeve t-shirts are always an option. Just remember to still pair broad spectrum sunscreen with any short sleeve sun shirts. Also, unlike UPF apparel, sunscreens must be reapplied every 2 hours, and more frequently if you’re sweating or swimming.

Bamboo Plant for UPF Apparel

Tough Weather Demands a Tougher Sun Shirt

If it’s hot enough, you’re going to sweat—even in the most breathable of shirts. The benefit of quick-drying, moisture-wicking apparel like our men’s and women’s long sleeve sun protection shirts is that you won’t stay wet. As the sun shirt absorbs moisture, it will pull it away from your skin. This helps wetness quickly evaporated, keeping you both cool and dry. Plus, even wet, our sun shirts with viscose from bamboo still offer protection from the sun’s UV rays (unlike typical cotton clothing). A sun shirt as tough as our women’s and men’s long sleeve sun protection shirts can handle hot weather, even when hiking (but don't forget these 10 hiking essentials)!

Sun Protection Shirts with a UPF 30+ Rating

The most critical factor in selecting the best sun protection shirt for hot weather is its Ultraviolet Protection Factor, or UPF rating. In the hottest of weather, you could be most susceptible to sun damage. Therefore, depend on sun protection clothing with at least UPF 30, which is consistent with recommendations from the Skin Cancer Foundation. Our women’s and men’s long sleeve sun protection shirts block over 97% of the sun’s UV rays, the equivalent of a broad spectrum SPF 30 or better sunscreen. However, compared to SPF lotions, UPF apparel doesn’t have to be reapplied every 2 hours!

When the temperatures rise the highest, resist the urge to grab a sleeveless tank top or muscle shirt. Instead, make the right decision for your skin. Choose the comfortable, dependable and affordable protection of Rayward Apparel’s UPF men’s and women’s long sleeve sun protection shirts. And for added protection, check out the hooded variation of our Sun Bound shirt collection!