Best Sun Protection Travel Shirt

Rayward Apparel

Nothing energizes or inspires like travel, but nothing ruins travels like a bad sunburn. To avoid this infamous vacation ruiner, make sure you’re outfitted with the best sun protection travel shirt. Because luggage can be very limiting, don’t waste weight or space packing anything but the best sun protection travel apparel. Instead, pack smart with lightweight certified sun protection travel shirts, such as those from Rayward Apparel! They offer an unbeatable combination of style, comfort and performance that belong in any suitcase—whether traveling to climates hot or cold, or anywhere in between.

While any of Rayward Apparel’s collections is perfectly suitable for travel, the best of the best is the lightweight bamboo-based Crescent City collection of UPF travel shirts. Not only is the Crescent City collection great for its reliable sun blocking performance, but it’s also incredibly soft and durable. The better you feel while traveling—whether by land, sea or sky—the better your vacation. Continue reading to learn about our UPF 45 Crescent City collection, the best sun protection travel shirt!

Fit for Every Destination

The Crescent City sun shirt is available in short sleeve, long sleeve and hooded variations. Regardless of your chosen sleeve style, you’ll enjoy a relaxed fit and benefit from the light bamboo viscose fibers that make ideal all-season wear. When traveling to cold destinations, the Crescent City sun shirt is your ideal traveling companion. Take advantage of the bamboo fabric’s impressive breathability and thermal regulating, especially when layering beneath outerwear jackets and shells. 

If your travels have you seeking someplace warmer, you’ll appreciate our moisture-wicking, fast-drying fabrics that keep you cool and dry. Additionally, our Crescent City sun protection travel shirt is naturally odor resistant, a trait which might be most appreciated by your fellow travelers!

Sun Protection Travel Shirts for Vacationing

Travel Near & Far with UPF 45 Sun Protection

Rayward Apparel’s sun protection travel clothing is designed with a mission and for a mission. The goal has never been to stay home and avoid the outdoors. Rather, the goal is to provide a safer, better way to travel and explore your world. This means More Adventure and Less Exposure with a lineup of UPF certified apparel made entirely of clothing rated UPF 30 or greater. Our Crescent City travel shirt is no exception, providing certified UPF 45 sun protection rated to block 97.8% of harmful UV rays. This is trustworthy UV protection that doesn’t wash out!

More Sun Protection, Less Sunscreen

Unlike sunscreen, UV protection apparel doesn’t need to be reapplied every two hours. This translates to easier packing and lighter luggage. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, this means more time enjoying your vacation and less time applying sunscreen. Plus, a greater reliance on durable UV travel shirts means less reliance on costly sunscreen lotions. Save your money for more memorable purchases, like travel experiences that create a lifetime of memories!

Sun Protective Travel Shirt in a Suitcase

Rayward Apparel’s Crescent City sun-protective travel shirts are available in both men’s and women’s. They’re lightweight, buttery soft and breathable—all while providing UPF 45 sun protection for wherever your travels take you.