Camping Sun Protection

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Ready to go camping? Don’t forget to pack your camping sun protection apparel! In your effort to secure the best tent, sleeping bag, shoes, cooler and so on, don’t forget to give equal, or greater, priority to your apparel. To truly outfit yourself in the best camping gear possible, choose camping UV protection shirts and clothing. Not only does camping sun protection clothing look good and feel great, but you’ll save yourself the trouble of trying to sleep in a tent after a nasty sunburn. Continue below as we guide you through camping sun protection, including how to choose the best camping UV protection clothing.

Camping Trip with Sun Protection Gear

The Best of the Best for Camping Sun Protection

The best sun protection for camping is with UV protection camping shirts. Besides being effective against damaging UV rays, camping sun protection shirts are often designed with must-have performance qualities. This includes quick-drying materials, excellent breathability, lightweight fabrics, temperature regulation and durable craftsmanship. Rayward Apparel’s UV protection camping clothing, including our Shoreline and Crescent City sun shirts, provides all of the above, plus the added (and essential) quality of UPF sun protection.

Why UPF Matters for Camping Sun Protection

The best camping UV protection shirts have UPF sun protection, of which UPF 50+ is the highest certified rating. UPF fabrics must be certified to block a minimum percent of UV rays. Because this is so important, all of Rayward Apparel’s clothing and accessories are certified UPF. This means each of our products provides the clothing equivalent of at least SPF 30 sunscreen, but without sunscreen’s disadvantages. Therefore, you can say goodbye to smelly lotions, greasy palms, expensive formulas, unsafe ingredients and inconvenient applications (not to mention reapplication after reapplication). Remember, unlike sunscreen, camping UV protection clothes offer broad spectrum UV protection that doesn’t fade throughout the day.

Not All Camping UV Protection Shirts Are the Same

Here are a few do’s and don’ts for selecting UV protection camping gear. Do look for a clearly labeled UPF rating. Don’t skimp on performance fabrics. Based on your needs and activity level, you may want apparel with an ultralight poly blend, or a more breathable bamboo viscose. Do evaluate durability because camping clothing must withstand abrasions. Don’t settle for something that looks silly beyond the campsite because your go-to camping shirt should also look great back in town. Do choose quick-drying, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial apparel, especially for hot weather camping (your camping mates will thank you).

Looking out of tent wearing camping sun protection

Additional Camping Sun Protection Tips

Looking beyond camping apparel, there are several additional ways to protect your skin and stay sun safe while camping. For starters, use shade to your advantage. Whether it’s from your tent or a tree, follow the shade and keep cool. Next, stay hydrated. Poor hydration can worsen sunburn symptoms, and may also lead to other healthy issues like dehydration or heat stroke. Additionally, watch your altitude and keep an eye on the heat index. As your altitude increases, so does your UV exposure. In fact, different studies have shown that every 1,000 feet in elevation gained can increase your UV exposure by up to 10%. As for the UV Index, this is a daily weather resource and an excellent way to quickly measure the UV conditions for a particular day. When camping, use the UV Index to plan if/when to participate in lengthy sun-based activities like hiking and swimming.

Lastly, and this may sound funny coming from a UPF apparel brand, but make sure you wear sunscreen. Sun protection clothing is most effective when worn with sunscreen, as opposed to being worn instead of sunscreen. This is because apparel only protects what it covers, and it’s nearly impossible to cover your entire body. At the very least, you’ll probably need small amounts of sunscreen for your face and hands.

More Adventure, Less Exposure & Happy Trails

By focusing on effective camping sun protection, you’re more likely to actually enjoy the outdoors. Nothing puts a damper on a camping trip like a bad sunburn, so follow our advice and protect your hide with UPF camping sun protection clothing. For your best protection, choose at least UPF 30 or better rated camping gear, like the camping shirts, hats and gaiters from Rayward Apparel!