Do I Need A Long Sleeve Sun Shirt?

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The best defense against the sun’s harmful UV rays is a combination of sunscreen and UPF apparel. The question we get a lot, therefore, is if you’re using sunscreen, do you need a long sleeve sun shirt? Our answer: YES! Continue reading below to find out why we still recommend a long sleeve SPF shirt as your best best for UV protection.

Issues with Sunscreen Application

One of the biggest reasons people get sunburn is because of inadequate or inconsistent sunscreen application. When applying sunscreen, it’s very easy to miss a spot, especially without someone else’s help. Plus, even the best sunscreens need to be reapplied every couple hours. When busy or on the go, it’s easy to lose track of time and let your sunscreen’s protection lapse. This, as you likely know, can be a costly mistake leading to sunburn, or worse. As your dermatologist would agree, with UPF apparel, you know you’re covered. For more sun protection tips, click here.

Also, many sunscreens leave a greasy feeling on your skin, and some even stain your clothes! Worse yet, some contain ingredients that harm coral reefs and marine life. Why put your skin (or environment’s) safety to chance? Trust the always consistent and properly “applied” protection offered by a long sleeve SPF shirt (also referred to as UPF shirts because of their Ultraviolet Protection Factor ratings. You can also learn more about SPF and UPF here).

Additionally, some of the confusion about sunscreen application stems from a misunderstanding of what actually causes sunburn. Check out this video for an entertaining look at what actually causes sunburn:

Cost Savings with a Long Sleeve SPF Shirt

Another benefit of wearing a long sleeve SPF shirt versus a short sleeve shirt and sunscreen is that you’ll save money. This is because you’ll inherently need less sunscreen (which is surprisingly expensive) when more of your skin is covered by UPF apparel that accomplishes what otherwise would have been by sunscreen. The UPF rating of our Crescent City UV shirts, for example, is achieved through a special fabric blend featuring viscose from bamboo. As a result of not relying on chemical applications, our UV blocking fabric holds up better, wash after wash.

Rayward Crescent City SPF Long Sleeve Shirt

Breathable, Quick-drying and Cool... Even with Long Sleeves

Many people associate long sleeves with warm clothing for cold weather. You may be surprised to learn that long sleeves can actually help you stay cool, even in hot weather. When you sweat or get wet, our fabric pulls this moisture away from your skin where it can dry quickly. This in turn maintains a space for air to flow between your skin and our shirt, which keeps you cooler. As a result, your shirt dries faster, you stay cool, and your skin stays protected with our UPF rating.

In Conclusion, You Need a Long Sleeve Sun Shirt

For the best long sleeve SPF shirt, look no further than Rayward Apparel’s Crescent City collection. These UPF 45 long sleeve shirts block nearly 98% of UV rays, which is the equivalent of wearing SPF 45 sunscreen. Plus, our long sleeve sun shirts are moisture-wicking, breathable, ultra soft, and look great from the beach to the bar. Shop all of Rayward Apparel’s long sleeve SPF shirts today, available for men and women, both with and without a hood!

NOTE: Do you ALWAYS need to wear our long sleeve shirt? In the hottest of conditions, or when you don't mind taking the time to properly apply reef-safe sunscreen, then you are also safe with our short sleeve UPF shirt. The goal here is to highlight the advantages of our long sleeve UPF shirts—which do inherently offer more protection than our short sleeve variation—although we know there is a time and place for each version of our sun shirts. And we absolutely believe that you need a long sleeve UPF shirt in your closet, always at the ready!