Fall In Love with Bamboo Shirts

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There’s a lot to love about bamboo shirts. From bamboo fabric’s buttery soft feel and odor-resistance, to its moisture-wicking and crucial UV protective qualities, it’s hard not to love bamboo clothing. Continue as we explore the many reasons you’ll fall in love with bamboo shirts!

Bamboo Shirts Provide UV Protection

The viscose fibers in bamboo clothing provides a natural UV protection. In terms of sun protection, bamboo blends allow for a lighter weight fabric to achieve the same or better UPF rating than alternative, non-bamboo fabrics. For Rayward Apparel, this means that our UPF 50+ bamboo shirts block greater than 98% of UV rays, but don’t require unnecessary bulk or weight.

Man jumping in a bamboo shirt

Bamboo Shirts Keep You Dry

Shirts made with viscose from bamboo have excellent absorption properties. However, instead of only filling up with liquid (like sweat), the fibers in bamboo shirts are able to pull the moisture away from your skin so that it quickly evaporates. This means your sweat is wicked away, you stay cool, and your shirt dries faster.

Bamboo Clothing is Odor-resistant

Apparel made with bamboo viscose benefit from bamboo’s natural antibacterial and odor-resistance properties. Therefore, your bamboo shirts will continue smelling fresh longer than a typical cotton shirt. This means the intensity of your shirt’s odor doesn’t have to match the intensity of your workout!

Bamboo Viscose Clothes Are Thermo-regulating

Thermo-regulation is just another way of saying that bamboo shirts are good at keeping you cool when it’s warm, and warmer when it’s cool. This makes bamboo clothing an excellent insulating layer.

Bamboo Shirts Are Extremely Soft

The first thing most of our customers notice about our Sun Bound bamboo collection is that it is ultra soft. This buttery soft, luxurious feel is thanks to the process of turning bamboo fiber into smooth viscose. Our bamboo shirts will rival your softest apparel in terms of comfort, all without sacrificing UV protection. In addition to being soft, bamboo viscose shirts are more resistant to wrinkles than competing fabrics. When you pull your super soft bamboo shirt off the clothes line or out of the dryer, it’ll be ready to wear!

Bamboo Fabrics Won’t Irritate Your Skin

We have good news for everyone with the misfortune of being irritated by fabrics with wool or hemp. Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic! This makes viscose from bamboo the perfect substitute if you need a performance fabric that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.

Bamboo Shirts Last a Long Time

The durability of bamboo apparel rivals that of most performance apparel, and they can even retain their shape and strength three times longer than typical cotton apparel. Plus, they resist pilling so they stand up to the abuse, both from you and your washing machine.

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It’s Easy to Care for Bamboo Apparel

In contrast to other premium fabrics, bamboo apparel doesn’t require difficult laundering steps. Always refer to your care label, but usually you can simply machine wash and tumble dry our bamboo clothing. Fabric softeners, hand drying and dry cleaning are usually not required.

Bamboo Is Biodegradable

Viscose from bamboo is plant-based. Therefore, when it comes time to part with your beloved bamboo shirt, you have one less thing to worry about since it will decompose faster than polyester and nylon apparel. Synthetic petroleum based fabrics, such as these, can actually take centuries to decompose in landfills.

If you haven’t fallen in love with a bamboo shirt yet, then you haven’t tried Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound or Crescent City collections! Our Sun Bound UPF 50+ bamboo apparel and Crescent City UPF 45 everyday bamboo shirts offer all of the benefits outlined above. For both our men’s and women’s Sun Bound and Crescent City shirt collections, we blend our bamboo viscose with soft cotton and just enough lycra (spandex) for the perfect amount of stretch. Shop our Sun Bound and Crescent City UPF shirt collections today!