How is a Beach Shirt Different From a Regular Shirt

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Summer is here! One of the best clothing items you can get for the summer is a beach shirt. Beach shirts are typically lightweight, breathable and comfortable. A good one is not only stylish but also very functional. Continue reading to discover the benefits of a beach shirt, while also learning what to look for when shopping for your own beach shirt.

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Beach Shirt Functionality

What makes this piece of clothing so different from a regular shirt is its primary function. The beach shirt is essentially a hybrid between a casual shirt and a performance t-shirt. A regular casual t-shirt offers great comfort indoors, but will quickly feel heavy and hot when the temperature rises. A performance t-shirt, on the other hand, will keep you cool and dry, but won't look and feel as appropriate in some public settings. The solution? A beach shirt blends the best of both worlds, combining casual style with athletic performance. Plus, certified UPF ratings ensure that you're also protecting your skin from the sun's damaging UV rays. This is extremely important on the beach where you have to protect against not only direct UV rays, but also indirect UV rays reflecting off of the water, sand and other surfaces. Good beach shirts, like Rayward Apparel's Crescent City collection, combine comfort, style, performance and protection into a shirt you can wear all day. In fact, a good beach shirt can be worn beyond the beach, including at the pool, park and more!

What to Look for In Your Beach Shirt

If you plan on wearing a beach shirt this summer, you are most likely going to be outside! When you're outside and enjoying your colorful and stylish shirt, you could be vulnerable to the sun's harmful rays. Therefore, something else to consider when looking for a beach shirt is its ability to provide protection from the sun. When looking for your go-to shirt, make sure to check if it has a strong UPF score. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, and it indicates how much an article of clothing can protect you from the sun's harmful rays. It serves as a score that ranges from one, being the lowest, to 50+, being the highest. For simplicity, you could think of this as the SPF rating for an article of clothing. Also similar to sunscreen, dermatologists recommend clothing rated 30 or higher.

Fortunately, Rayward Apparel's beach shirts are made with fabrics that combine lightweight breathability with excellent sun protection. This is often achieved with fabric blends including viscose of bamboo and/or polyester. We find these to be foundational fabrics for designing the ideal outdoor apparel.

This summer, be stylish and safe, and your let your shirt do all of the work while you can relax.

When it comes to sun protection safety, nobody does it better than Rayward Apparel. We have a large collection of UPF certified clothing for men and women, with our lightweight bamboo sun shirts being very popular this time of year. Shop today, and we look forward to seeing you outside, safely enjoying the sun!