Introducing Rayward Apparel’s Del Mar UPF 50+ Neck Gaiter

Rayward Apparel

Rayward Apparel has launched the newest piece of our sun protection collection, the Del Mar UPF 50+ Neck Gaiter. Designed for all-day sun protection, our Del Mar UPF 50+ neck gaiter does so much more. In addition to protecting your head and face from harmful UV rays, this multi-purpose tube headwear insulates, cools and comforts in a variety of wearable styles. Best of all, our Del Mar UPF neck gaiter is on sale now so you can experience it for yourself!

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Rayward Apparel's Del Mar UPF 50 Neck Gaiters

UPF 50+ Protection

First and foremost, the Del Mar neck gaiter safely protects your skin from damaging UV rays. Our neck gaiter has the highest possible UV protection rating, UPF 50+. This is based on the U.S. testing standard for sun protective fabrics, AATCC Test Method 183. This means it blocks more than 98% of the sun’s ultraviolet light. In effect, wearing our Del Mar UPF neck gaiter is like having constant SPF 50 sunscreen, minus the smell, greasy feeling and frequent reapplications.

Lightweight & Breathable Neck Gaiter

Our UPF 50+ neck gaiter feature a lightweight blend of polyester (87%) and spandex (13%). A major advantage of polyester in this application is weight reduction and breathability. This fabric pulls moisture, like sweat, away from your skin to quickly evaporate. This exchange of moisture and air keeps you comfortable in a range of weather conditions, cooling in the summer and warming in the winter. Additionally, our neck gaiter's fabric is extremely soft and breathable, as one needs for something worn over the mouth.

Versatility by Design

Rayward Apparel’s Del Mar UPF 50+ neck gaiter might seem like just a neckband. However, its practical tube-shaped design allows for more than a dozen wearable styles. Potential uses include: neck gaiter, face mask, bandana, beanie, balaclava, headband, hood, foulard, do-rag, sahariane, hair tie scarf and more.*

One Size Fits All

We carefully chose our Del Mar neck gaiter’s dimensions to maximize protection, performance and fit. Its 16” length makes possible all of the wearable styles described above. Any longer would leave too much fabric for your neck, but any shorter and a balaclava style wouldn't be possible. The 9.5” width is equally intentional, as this determines how well the neck gaiter fits around your head and neck. This width, paired with the fabric’s flexibility and stretch, provides a secure, but unrestrictive fit.

Perfectly Portable

Good luck finding more portable UV protection than Rayward Apparel’s Del Mar neck gaiter. As previously mentioned, it can be worn in a variety of manners, including as a headband or wristband. Therefore, if you step inside and no longer need its UPF 50+ protection, just wrap the gaiter around your wrist (or throw it in a pocket). Plus, its trivial 1.6 oz weight won't burden your pack, so don’t hesitate to take this sun protection essential wherever you go.

Designed for Durability

Unlike some multi-functional headwear, the Del Mar neck gaiter features durable finished seams. Utilized not just for aesthetics, these soft finished seams prevent unraveling and unsightly curls. Without finished seams, t along the edges of the closed tube. Additionally, and for your convenience, we’ve designed our Del Mar UPF 50+ neck gaiter to be machine-washable and safe for tumble dryers. You shouldn’t have to read a novel of care instructions to launder your sun protection clothing, and with Rayward Apparel’s UPF neck gaiters, you don’t. Simply machine wash, and tumble dry.

Kissable Comfort

The Del Mar UPF neck gaiter is ultra soft and smooth upon your face, which is essential for anything worn at length directly against your skin. Regardless of whether you’re bearded, clean-shaven or hairless, our neck gaiter provides comfort you can kiss. Additionally, the tagless design means no itchy fabric scratching your face and neck. Rayward Apparel’s sun-blocking neck gaiters are so comfortable, you might even forget that you’re wearing one!

Del Mar UPF Neck Gaiters Are On Sale Now!

Rayward Apparel’s Del Mar UPF 50+ neck gaiters are on sale now. For the ultimate in all-day UV protection and outdoor comfort, pair our neck gaiter with a sun hat and lightweight hooded shirt, also available now!

At Rayward Apparel, our vision reaches beyond clothing. In fact, 5% of all online sales, including those from sales of the Del Mar neck gaiter, are donated to organizations fighting skin cancer. This means your online purchases support the Melanoma Research Alliance and the fight against skin cancer. Your support makes this possible, and drives us to pursue our mission: More Adventure. Less Exposure.

* Rayward Apparel’s neck gaiters are not rated for medical use, nor have they been tested for their effectiveness at preventing the spread of disease, such as COVID19.