Rayward Apparel Launches New Products: Sun Protective Hats And Neck Gaiters

Rayward Apparel

Rayward Apparel continues its commitment to providing high performance sun protection apparel with new sun protective hats and gaiters. 

Headquartered in New Orleans, Rayward Apparel continues to expand its product offerings by launching brand new lines of sun protective hats and gaiters. Designed for functionality and comfort, both accessories maintain a UV protective rating of UPF 50+. In fact, Rayward Apparel exclusively produces UPF sun protection products. The new UV protective bucket hats and neck gaiters are on sale now, available for both men and women.

Why Bucket Hats and Neck Gaiters?

Rayward Apparel’s expansion into sun protective hats comes with the premier of a lightweight bucket hat. The new Sun Ops bucket hat features a 3” brim, as well as an adjustable drawcord and chin strap. The Sun Ops bucket hat is also available in multiple sizes and colorways.

Likewise, the sun protection apparel brand’s new one-size-fits-all UPF tube neck gaiters are also available in various colors. “Our goal is to provide a wide variety of high quality sun protective options for our customers,” says Devin Regan, Rayward Apparel’s founder. “If you’re going to be out in the sun, you should keep all areas of your body properly protected. These UPF 50+ hats and gaiters will provide UV protection for some of the most vulnerable areas of the body—the head, ears, face and neck. The right UPF apparel eliminates the need to constantly reapply sunscreen throughout the day, something people often forget to do. The more coverage you can get from sun protective apparel, the better.”

Making Sun Protection Personal

Founded in 2019, Rayward Apparel designs performance apparel that reduces the wearer’s risk of skin cancer and sun damage. Rayward Apparel accomplishes this through UV-blocking fabrics and apparel designs. This mission is personal to Rayward Apparel and its founder, Devin Regan, diagnosed with melanoma himself at a young age. Through this life-altering diagnosis, he realized the true dangers of UV exposure. Now, this is something he’s helping others understand and address before it's too late.

“If I had been more diligent about skin protection when I was younger, I may have avoided my melanoma diagnosis altogether. UV exposure, often from the sun, is directly linked to skin cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States. Still, I’d never recommend anyone avoid the outdoors—people just need to wear apparel designed for the outdoors,” explains Devin. “There’s too much beauty and fun to be had in the sun to simply avoid it. Fortunately, with the right sun protective apparel, you don’t have to.”Rayward Apparel's Del Mar UPF 50 Neck Gaiters

Rayward Apparel is committed to fighting skin cancer, dedicating 5% of online sales to organizations researching and treating skin cancer. This includes sales from the new sun protective bucket hats and neck gaiters, as well as every other product sold.

About Rayward Apparel

Rayward Apparel believes that staying protected from the sun shouldn’t mean staying indoors, and sun safety shouldn’t mean compromising style, comfort or performance. Focused exclusively on providing UPF sun clothing, Rayward Apparel’s promise is therefore simple: More Adventure. Less Exposure. Learn more at https://www.raywardapparel.com/