Rayward's New Sun Shirt Collections: New Shirts, Same Mission

Rayward Apparel

We’re proud to debut two new sun shirt styles of UV protective shirts with our Shoreline and Crescent City collections of UPF shirts. 

Each new sun shirt collection is distinct from the other, but both are certified to exceed the ultraviolet protection rating recommendations of the Skin Cancer Foundation. Likewise, both new styles are available in short sleeve or long sleeve variations, each with a relaxed fit perfect for multi-season everyday wear.

The Shoreline and Crescent City shirts both feature lightweight, UV protective fabrics for the optimal blend of protection and performance. However, each new sun shirt collection achieves its UV-protective qualities through different textile compositions. Continue below to compare our new Shoreline and Crescent City sun shirts, as well as to discover how each is designed to reduce your risk of sun damage and skin cancer.

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Shoreline Collection

Our Shoreline collection of lightweight UV protective shirts is our first 100% polyester sun shirt. We specifically chose a full polyester fabric composition so that our Shoreline UV shirts would be ultra-lightweight and suitable for extreme activities, and extreme heat. Certified with a UPF 50+ rating, our long sleeve and short sleeve Shoreline sun shirts are moisture-wicking, quick-drying and abrasion resistant. This four-season sun shirt also features a more relaxed fit compared to our Sun Bound collection, for instance.

Crescent City Collection

Rayward Apparel’s Crescent City collection, named to represent our hometown of New Orleans, features our lightest bamboo shirt ever! This incredibly soft UV shirt features bamboo viscose, cotton and spandex for everyday comfort and all-day sun protection. Our long sleeve and short sleeve Crescent City UV shirts offer a lightweight, relaxed fit. Additionally, these bamboo sun shirts are moisture-wicking, breathable and certified at UPF 45 for excellent UV protection.

We’re excited to share each of these new sun shirt collections, both of which continue to prove that effective skin protection doesn’t need to sacrifice style, comfort or convenience. Additionally, high quality sun protective apparel shouldn’t require a second mortgage. And don’t worry—ours doesn’t! As we further expand our lineup of UV protective apparel, skin protection will always be first and foremost. However, this is always with the goal of creating apparel designed for the outdoors.

At Rayward Apparel, the mission has never been to avoid the sun. Rather, we focus on providing a better way to enjoy the sun and everything outdoors. In other words: More Adventure. Less Exposure.

New Shirts. Same Mission.

With our ever-growing lineup of UPF sun shirts, Rayward Apparel remains devoted to protecting you from the sun. At the same time, we believe staying protected from the sun doesn’t mean hiding indoors. Therefore, we’ll continue designing sun protective clothing and accessories that don’t compromise style, comfort or performance for the sake of UV protection. To shop our newest sun shirt collections, visit our online store.