Represent Your Brand with Custom Wholesale Sun Shirts

Rayward Apparel

We are excited to announce that we now offer custom wholesale sun shirts! If your employees or your customers are going to be outdoors, you should be selling shirts that keep them safe from UV radiation.

Sun shirt custom orders for events

How does the custom wholesale sun shirt program work?

With our custom order program, you can not only get our amazing UPF certified shirts at a significant discount, but you can customize absolutely every element of the shirt to create the exact type of product you are looking for. You can choose between our Crescent City Collection of super soft bamboo shirts, and our Shoreline Collection of ultra-lightweight polyester shirts. Choose your color, customize your logo, choose logo locations, and even choose the shirt style.

It’s the perfect opportunity to show that your brand values your customer’s wellbeing, while also ensuring your business is carrying the highest quality products the market has to offer. The custom order program is also great for large groups, festivals, sports tournaments, or any other outdoor event.   

Why did we start the custom order program?

Rayward Apparel was born out of necessity. With skin cancer being the #1 diagnosed cancer in the US, it’s clear that we need to do a better job protecting our skin from UV radiation. However, there are very few companies who make UPF certified products. Furthermore, even among the UPF certified products there are even fewer that are actually comfortable.  When we opened our doors in 2019 we had one goal – create breathable and comfortable products that are certified to provide excellent UV protection.

We are proud of how far we’ve come, but we are committed to doing better. With custom orders and wholesale partnerships, we can help more than just our direct customers. This program helps create further awareness around skin cancer prevention, while also providing other businesses an affordable way to carry UPF certified products. The best of both worlds.  

Sun shirt wholesale order customization options for logo placement

How much does it cost?

We work closely with any interested clients to develop a custom proposal to fit their exact needs. The total cost for wholesale sun shirts depends primarily on the following:

  • Shirt style: short sleeve, long sleeve, hooded
  • Quantity: 100 shirt minimum, but generally speaking the larger the order the larger the discount
  • Logo / design customization needed: The amount and size of the logos, and logo placements

Other elements like the shirt collection and the shirt color don’t necessarily impact the cost, but are also customizable aspects of the order.

How do I learn more?

We’ve released a website specific to UPF custom orders and wholesale orders where you can find some more information about ordering wholesale sun shirts. At the bottom of each of those pages is a form to request additional information. Please simply fill out that form and a member of our team will reach out to you for a quick introduction. They will answer any questions you may have and help put together a proposal.

While we understand the underlying risks of sun exposure, we also love the outdoors. Rayward Apparel aims to not only create the most protective apparel, but also the most comfortable shirts possible for athletes and non-athletes alike. Through a partnership with the Melanoma Research Alliance, we’re donating 5% of all online sales to support the research and treatment of skin cancer. In addition, we’ll work closely with the community to educate and create awareness around the dangers of UV exposure.