Sun Protection Still Matters, Even During Self-quarantine

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As we practice social distancing and self-quarantining in order to “flatten the curve”—hopefully easing the burden of COVID-19 on our health system—there’s a temptation to allow other aspects of our health and well-being to take a backseat. Of course, some of this is necessary, as we must work together to curb the spread of the COVID-19. Concurrently, we can't forget about sun safety and shouldn't neglect other parts of our health, including our skin.

Continue reading for Rayward Apparel’s self-quarantine sun protection and skin care tips:

Your Windows Probably Don’t Block UV Rays

Whether you’re working from home, soaking in the sun from your home office window, or wistfully looking out from your porch while dreaming of a return to normalcy and the adventures you’re going to take, odds are you are still being exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Most household windows don’t filter UV rays. This means you still need protection on the area’s most exposed, which are likely your face, neck, back and arms. Of course, we recommend UPF apparel for its combination of comfort and performance. Additionally, complement this with SPF lotions to protect the areas not covered by our sun protective clothing. Even indoors, UV protection matters!

Dry Air = Dry Skin

Spending additional time indoors likely means that you’re spending more time surrounded by air conditioning. Whether cooling or heating, this usually equates to drier air, and therefore drier skin. Gentle exfoliation will help, and consider using an in-home humidifier. Or, if weather permits, open some windows to prevent drying-out and damaging your skin. Give your skin a break from cosmetics that aren’t health-related and let your skin breathe. Your colleagues on your video call will understand!

More Distance, Less Help with Sun Safety

It’s critical that we all practice social distancing, but the downside of keeping our distance from friends and family could unintentionally result in less accountability. How many times has a family member reminded you to apply sunscreen? Or when you forgot sun protection, they offered some? And who is going to get those hard to reach spots of your back? Even if you’re fortunate enough to still find ways to participate in outdoor activities like kayaking or running, doing so alone (or at a greater distance from others) may mean less help in maintaining proper sun safety. The best defense is the broad-spectrum protection offered by UPF apparel, complemented by sunscreen applied 30 minutes prior to exposure, and re-applied every two hours. Plus, if you need help remembering, use your mobile phone, Alexa or other smart devices to set reminders!

Kayaking with UPF Apparel

The Best Sun Safety is Constant Sun Protection

The worst sun damage often occurs when we aren’t prepared. Remember the day the fish wouldn’t stop biting? How about the pick-up game of volleyball followed by beachside drinks? Or, perhaps more relevant these days, the home gardening project that took twice as long as you expected? Even with our best intentions, without proper planning, we’re prone to surprise UV damage caused by our desire to be in the sun. The solution? Start each day with a routine that includes preventative sun protection, such as putting on (or packing) your UPF apparel, applying broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion, and setting reminders to keep it up throughout the day.

When normal routines are broken, as almost everyone’s are right now, it’s easy to replace healthy routines—like going outside, exercising and eating well—with less beneficial habits. Of course, with the stresses of the times, we’re not expecting skin care to be your #1 priority. Still, with a bit of attention and planning, you can maintain healthy sun safety habits, indoors or outside, and have one less thing to worry about.

From our team to yours, stay safe. We’re all in this together, and we’re just as eager as you to get back outside. For now, develop your sun safety routine, call your friends and family, and plan future adventures!