What Are the Best Face and Neck Sun Protection Options

Rayward Apparel

Weather experts are predicting a very hot summer this year, which means your outdoor activities could put you at more risk this year. Unfortunately, it is usually your face and neck that are most at risk of harmful sun exposure. However, Rayward Apparel has excellent options for face and neck sun protection so you don't have to sweat the heat!

Face and Neck Sun Protection


The most obvious face and neck protection option is sunscreen. However, being most obvious doesn't make it the best. While it is easy to find and purchase, it can be annoying and sticky to apply (especially for kids) and can get washed away while in the water. Worse yet, sunscreen is confusing. The effects of certain chemicals are still not fully understood, while others are known carcinogens with links to cancer. Another issue with sunscreen is that it can potentially destroy marine and other ecosystems. When sunscreen gets washed away those chemicals can end up in marine environments. Even at best, sunscreen is considered just to be a temporary filter, and should not be relied for long periods in the sun. So what are other and better face and neck sun protections options for you?

UPF Clothing

You can still use sunscreen but it is best to pair with UPF clothing. After decades of research, dermatologist still recognize that UPF 30 and above is the best option for sun protection. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and it ranges from a measured score of 0 to 50+, where anything greater than 50 is perceived to offer minimal advantages over UPF 50 itself. UPF clothing comes in all types of forms and below are a couple of articles of clothing that you may want to put in your next shopping cart.

Sun Hoodie

Rayward Apparel's Sun Bound hoodie is a popular UPF 50+ article of clothing because it offers so much utility. Thanks to its hood, the Sun Bound hoodie will protect your neck against the sun. Plus, they are portable and light, and can handle varying temperatures. The sun hoodie does leave portions of your face exposed, however, so make sure to pair it with a UPF neck gaiter and/or sun hat.

Neck Gaiter

Next is a neck gaiter. When it comes to face and neck sun protection, a UPF neck gaiter might be your best choice. The neck is highly susceptible to both direct and indirect (reflected) UV rays, and that is why neck gaiters are a perfect solution. Modern neck gaiters like Rayward Apparel's UPF 50+ Del Mar neck gaiter are lightweight, breathable and offer excellent UPF-certified sun protection.

Bucket Hat

Last, but not least, the versatile bucket hat. Most are familiar with bucket hats, but not enough take advantage of their utility and sun protection benefits. Thanks to the 360-degree brim, bucket hats arguably offer the best option for face and neck sun protection. The best thing about bucket hats? The simplicity! Put one on and the hat will do the rest by providing shade to your face and neck at the same time. Plus, Rayward Apparel's Sun Ops bucket hat offers a host of convenient features, including adjustable drawcords, shapeable brims, crushable crowns and more! In addition, a bucket hat is a perfect complement to the aforementioned sun hoodie and neck gaiter.

This summer, get the best face and neck sun protection with Rayward Apparel's lineup of certified UPF clothing and accessories.