When To Wear A Sun Gaiter Face Mask

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Sun gaiter face masks serve a range of purposes, from protecting and comforting to insulating and styling. Rayward Apparel’s gaiter face masks are great at meeting the demands of several situations in many different climates. Continue below for highlights of the most important and most common times to wear a sun gaiter face mask. 

Wearing a Sun Gaiter Face Mask for UV Protection

The primary purpose of Rayward Apparel’s Del Mar gaiter face mask is to protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Therefore, the most important time to wear your neck gaiter is in the sun, even for a few minutes. This is because the sun can damage unprotected skin in as little as 5-10 minutes. Even if you’re wearing sunscreen, or if your sunscreen isn’t at least SPF 30 (the minimum recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation for outdoor activities), a sun protection gaiter face mask is great for ensuring you didn’t miss any of spots. This is especially important when you’ve already left your house and the convenience of mirrors, and are blindly reapplying sunscreen to your face and neck. In short, if the sun will be hitting your face, you better have it properly protected. Sun gaiter face masks are simply the fastest, most cost-effective and reliable way to protect your face and neck!

Using a Neck Gaiter to Keep Cool

You can also wear a face mask gaiter when you need to keep cool. For starters, this is because you’ll be protecting your face and skin from the hot sun. Additionally, the moisture-wicking fabric draws sweat away from your skin to help it evaporate quickly. This then assists your body’s natural responses to keep you even drier and cooler. Lastly, you can wear a face mask gaiter that has been dipped in cool water for quick, refreshing relief! This trick can be very useful when out on the open water fishing or anywhere where shade isn't easily accessible.

Wearing a Gaiter Face Mask to Stay Warm

Another useful time to wear a face mask neck gaiter is when you want to keep warm. This may sound like a contradiction of the previous point, but in fact some of the same attributes that help face mask gaiters keep you cool, also make them effective at keeping you warm. Worn properly, a gaiter face mask allows moisture to escape. In the cold, wet equals colder. Additionally, a very thin insulating layer of air will remain between your skin and the outside air. You can also fold a gaiter into a double-layered balaclava, which provides even more warmth and insulation. Plus, you get all of this while still maintaining breathability. Lastly, if the warmth you need isn’t on your face, you can reposition your neck gaiter into a beanie. For these reasons and more, our UPF neck gaiter could be the perfect running accessory!

Face Mask Neck Gaiters as Fashion Statements

One of the most overlooked benefits of gaiter face masks are their ability to be worn as fashion pieces, most often to manage and style one’s hair. When wearing a neck gaiter for its style benefits, you have a range of options. For example, face mask gaiters can be transformed into hairbands, foulards, neckerchiefs and more, all with a few folds. Imagine being able to turn your neck gaiter into a head scarf that simultaneously keeps hair out of your eyes AND protects against UV damage!

When NOT to Wear a Sun Gaiter

You won’t always need to wear a sun protection gaiter. For example, indoors or when protected by other means of UPF sun protection. Fortunately, sun protection face mask gaiters are just as easy to remove as they are to apply. Therefore, if you’re wearing one for any of the reasons outlined above (and you should be), but later find yourself in a situation where you no longer need a face mask neck gaiter, it’s as simple as pulling it down around your neck, wrapping it around your wrist, or stuffing it in a pocket. Our best gaiter face masks occupy very little space and are easy to stash away whenever you don’t need them. Of course, thanks to their versatility and styling options, we trust you’ll find them to be useful in many situations.

Now What?

In summary, you should wear a UPF gaiter face mask whenever you might experience even as little as 5-10 minutes of exposure to UV rays. You should also wear a gaiter face mask when you need its heating/cooling attributes, as well as its style applications. Additionally, face mask neck gaiters are easier to apply than sunscreen. Sun protection gaiters also don’t require waiting to become effective, and are removable the moment you no longer need them.

Are you ready to fall in love with the UV protection and versatility of face mask neck gaiters? If so, visit Rayward Apparel’s online store to shop UPF gaiter face masks today!

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Bonus: Need a quick refresher on how to use the UV Index to check your daily UV risk level? Check out the video below:

* Rayward Apparel’s gaiter face masks are not designed for preventing the spread of disease. Our face mask neck gaiters have been tested for UV protection, but have not been tested for their effectiveness at preventing the spread of disease, such as COVID19. They should therefore not be used as an alternative to any medically-approved face masks.