Why a UPF Neck Gaiter Is the Perfect Running Accessory

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Running is one of the most popular and healthiest outdoor actives there is to do! In the United States alone more than 50 million people participate in some form of running, jogging, or walking on a weekly basis. With a growing national emphasis on health, this trend is only going to increase. While running does get you outside, that also can lead to you being exposed to the sun's harmful UV rays. A neck gaiter for running is the perfect accessory needed by any runner. In this article you will see why a neck gaiter makes for the perfect running accessory.

Beach running with neck gaiter

What Is a UPF Neck Gaiter?

So what exactly is a neck gaiter? A gaiter is an article of clothing typically warn around the neck for warmth. However, with the advent of modern apparel technology, gaiters have become more lightweight and breathable. As well as more fashionable! For a runner, a gaiter can be a highly functional article of clothing. When picking the right gaiter there are certain attributes that you may want to consider. First, is the gaiter lightweight and breathable? This is key because as a runner, you want to be as light as possible. And if you're going to be wearing something around your mouth you definitely want to make sure it is breathable!

Yet for runners one of the most important factors when looking for a gaiter is its ability to protect you from the sun. As a runner, being outside is one of the best parts of the activity. However, that can also lead to you being exposed to the sun's harmful UV rays. When it comes to clothing, a key component for sun protection is UPF fabrics. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, the degree to which a fabric protects you from UV rays. There is a common misunderstanding that you are safe from the sun if your body is covered with any fabric. However, that is not the case as many fabrics have a UPF value of only 1-5, when you need a rating of at least UPF 30 or greater!

UPF neck gaiter for running

A Perfect Accessory for a Runner

This bring us back as to why a UPF neck gaiter is really the perfect accessory for runners. A UPF neck gaiter will protect the most vulnerable parts of your body, when it comes to UV rays. Specifically the neck area, which is one of the hardest places to protect from UV rays. As a runner, you should enjoy the outdoors, the wind hitting your face, and the sunshine that comes along with it. So, the last thing you want to deal with is any type of sun burn or worse. Which is why you should do yourself a favor and purchase a UPF neck gaiter for running. It will protect you from the sun and allow you to safely continue doing what you love!

At Rayward Apparel, we have four different colored UPF neck gaiters that make for fashionable running accessories, all while keeping you safe from harmful UV rays and letting enjoy running for years to come.