Why Bucket Hats Are Back for Good

Rayward Apparel

If you’ve spent any time observing hat trends at the beach, the great outdoors, music festivals, sporting events or even just on the street, you’ve probably seen our beloved bucket hat making a comeback. This is great news for several reasons, not the least of which being that a UV bucket hat offers excellent sun protection. If you’re ready to join the bucket bandwagon, but are concerned about bucket hats falling out of fashion, we’re here to share a few reasons why we don’t see that happening anytime soon. So let’s face it, and embrace it: bucket hats are back for good!

A New Breed of Bucket Hat Fans

When you imagine a UV bucket hat, if you’re still picturing something big, yellow and made exclusively for fishermen, then it’s time to look again! From NFL stars and world-famous celebrities, to rising musicians and music festival veterans, everyone is getting in on the bucket hat revolution. So whether you consider yourself a weekend warrior, outdoor enthusiast or extreme adventure junky, or if you prefer to shrug off labels and just do “you,” then you’ll appreciate the benefits of UV bucket hats.

Style and Substance Working Together with UV Bucket Hats

There’s something extremely satisfying about seeing form, fit and function all coming together. With our Sun Ops UPF bucket hats, we took lightweight, sun-blocking fabrics and designed a UV bucket hat that adjusts to fit you via drawcord pulls. Gone are the seldom-used but always bulky zipper storage compartments, and good riddance to the over-hyped eyelets which do little to actually vent heat when the fabric itself is breathable. Of course, the real beauty in the melding of style and substance is in knowing that our Sun Ops UV bucket hat blocks over 98% of the sun’s UV rays.

An Emphasis on Health and Wellness Means Bucket Hats Are Here to Stay

Never before has personal health and well-being been so prominent. Like most things, this brings with it both good and bad. First, the bad. The vast amount of research and information on healthy living sometimes makes it seem more difficult to know what’s actually healthy. Everyone is a self-appointed expert, and every minute brings new advice about what constitutes healthy living. Worse yet, we’ll hear that what was healthy last year is no longer as good as we thought! Case in point, look at sunscreen and the confusion surrounding what is and isn’t good for you and/or coral reefs. 

While there is a lot of noise in the world of health and wellness, we believe the need is real and the intention is right. The good news, then? Sometimes being healthy is actually simple. Take our UV bucket hat, for instance. It’s part of an obvious solution to a major problem that is skin cancer. Where baseball hats and porous straw hats allow UV rays to reach your scalp, ears, face and neck, a UPF-rated bucket hat actually shields you from the sun. Given the choice between A) suffering UV damage, B) staying inside or C) wearing a UV bucket hat, the answer is clear. It’s time you prioritize your own health and wellness by protecting your head with a UV bucket hat that fits your lifestyle.

Remember, Bucket Hats are One Part of Sun Safety

It’s still essential that you follow sun safety guidelines and pair your UV bucket hat with broad spectrum sunscreen lotion for your face and neck. As UV protective as bucket hats are, they can still leave your lower face and neck exposed, so don’t take any chances. Of course, mistakes happen. If you find yourself suffering from an accidental sunburn, here are a few ways to relieve the pain and discomfort of too much UV exposure:

If you’re like us and reveling in the resurgence of bucket hats, then we hope you’ll also join us in celebrating Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops UPF bucket hat.