Why We Love Our Bucket Hats (And Why You Should Too)

Rayward Apparel

Call us biased, but we absolutely love our UPF bucket hat! It’s comfortable, lightweight and looks great, plus it provides UPF sun protection! Of course, it makes sense for us to love our new Sun Ops bucket sun hat—we designed it, after all. What might be of more interest to you, however, is hearing why YOU should love it too! Keep reading to find out what makes our UPF bucket hats so special.

Like every product from Rayward Apparel, our Sun Ops UPF bucket hats had to first meet our own needs, satisfying our team’s particularly high standards in terms of form, fit and function. You’ll see more on the importance of each of these below, along with evidence for how our UPF bucket hat nails it.

Form: UPF Bucket Hats with Style

We know you’ve seen them; bucket hats with tacky patterns, oversized brims, pointless eyelets and gimmicky features that serve the marketing, not the user. For Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops UPF bucket hat, we started from scratch, asking what does a sun protection hat need? Well, it needs to be lightweight to keep you comfortable. Check. It needs to be moisture-wicking to keep you dry. Check! It needs to be made of a machine-washable fabric. Check! It needs to be packable so you always have it on hand, it needs a timeless look that won’t suffer the fate of trendy misfires, and it needs to last so you can wear it every day. Check, check, check!

Wear Your UPF Bucket Hat Under a Sunny Sky with Clouds

Fit: Our Sun Ops UPF Bucket Hat Adjusts to You

Let’s be honest, one size never fits all. With that in mind, we knew our UPF bucket hat needed to be adjustable. We love the fact that you have TWO ways to adjust the fit of our UV bucket hat. The first is with a drawcord on the back that tightens the circumference for a perfect fit around the head. The second is with the adjustable chin strap that can be tightened to keep your bucket hat exactly where it belongs. For help choosing the right size bucket hat, check out our guide to measuring your head to find the perfect fit!

Function: UV Protection, First and Foremost

From day one of designing Rayward Apparel’s UPF bucket hat, we knew it had to be UPF certified. With our UV Sun Ops bucket hat specifically, we chose UPF 50+, which is the highest possible UV protection rating for fabrics. We also love that our hat maintains a UPF rating even when wet, so sweat and water won’t prevent you from getting the sun protection you need. Plus, with our UPF bucket hat’s not-too-big, and not-too-small, 360-degree brim, you’re protected on all sides. Lastly, we love that you can (and should) wear this hat all year, and for a wide range of activities. What makes this hat work in the garden, also helps it work for fishing. Likewise, for the reasons it works at the beach, it also works at a sporting event. In short, we love our UPF bucket hat, and we can’t wait for you to fall in love too!

Rayward Apparel’s new Sun Ops UPF bucket hat is available NOW!

Bonus: Our UPF apparel is just one part of smart sun safety. Still think you don’t need to protect your face with a UPF hat and broad spectrum sunscreen? Check out this video to see your skin the way the sun sees it: