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Shoreline Collection, UPF 50+ lightweight polyester


    The Shoreline collection is our go-to beach shirt and lightweight long sleeve fishing shirt for men and women. Our polyester fabric is extremely light and soft, while still unbelievably breathable making it one of the best shirts for any kind of heat. Headquartered in New Orleans, we understand the importance of staying cool in the heat. This collection makes that possible. In addition, all of our Shoreline collection of polyester sun shirts are lab certified at the highest level of UV protection possible - UPF 50+. This guarantees you'll stay protected without sacrificing comfort. Plus, our Shoreline sun shirt is fast drying, breathable, and moisture wicking. It's perfect for any outdoor adventure. So weather you are looking for a beach shirt for that next vacation or a fitness shirt for the hot summer or a fishing shirt for your next getaway, this is what you've been looking for. Check out the products below to find a color and style that you'll love.

    Having UPF clothing which is designed for UV protection is critical when it comes to preventing skin cancer, the #1 diagnosed cancer in America. In an effort to help with this issue we've dedicated ourselves to designing the highest quality sun protection shirts and accessories possible. Our sun shirts are not only UV protective, but some of the highest quality and comfortable shirts you'll ever wear - especially this collection of polyester sun shirts. Additionally, to help on a larger scale we have partnered up The Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA). MRA is the largest nonprofit funder of melanoma research in the world. Through this partnership, a percentage of all Rayward sales is donated to their charity. 

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    Every Sale Contributes Towards The Cure For Skin Cancer

    From day one, Rayward Apparel has supported the fight against skin cancer, the #1 diagnosed cancer in America. A portion of all Rayward sales is donated directly to our charity partnership with The Melanoma Research Alliance - The world's largest nonprofit funder of melanoma research. In addition, we work closely with the community to educate and create awareness around the dangers of UV exposure.

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    All Rayward UV Protective Shirts and Apparel are UPF Lab Certified

    Certain fabrics possess qualities that make them highly effective at blocking UV radiation and providing adequate sun protection. All of our products are lab tested and certified in accordance with AATCC Test Method 183. This is the standard test method is used in the United States. It measures the UV radiation blocked or transmitted by fabrics intended to provide UV protection.

    However, not all fabrics are created equal and it can be difficult to find apparel is not only UV protective, but also comfortable. That's where we come in. More than just a catchphrase, “More Adventure, Less Exposure” drives us to design UPF apparel that protects as well as it performs, feels as great as it fits, and even fights for those who need it most.

    Our UPF Certification Process

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