Introducing Rayward Apparel's Crescent City Sun Shirt

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Meet the new Crescent City sun shirt collection from Rayward Apparel!

Our new UV-protective Crescent City sun shirt is Rayward’s lightest bamboo shirt ever, offering all-day UV protection and everyday comfort. As with all Rayward Apparel products, the new Crescent City sun shirt features a certified Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating that exceeds the UPF recommendations established by the Skin Cancer Foundation. In fact, with its excellent UPF 45 rating, the Crescent City sun shirt blocks nearly 98% of UV rays. You can think of our Crescent City shirt as wearable broad spectrum SPF 45 sunscreen, but without the mess!

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A Sun Shirt Fit for Every Season

The Crescent City collection is available in short sleeve and long sleeve variations with styles for both men and women. Its light bamboo viscose and relaxed fit make it ideal for multi-season everyday wear. When it’s cold, layer up with the Crescent City shirt and take advantage of the fabric’s breathability and thermal regulating properties. When it’s hot, you’ll love how the lightweight, moisture-wicking and fast-drying fabric keeps you cool. This means it's perfect for activities like hiking, camping and, as the name suggests, exploring the city! Plus, our Crescent City UV shirt is naturally odor resistant thanks to its bamboo fibers!

Our Crescent City's Hometown Hero

Named for Rayward Apparel’s hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, the Crescent City collection delivers big and makes it look easy. Designing an everyday sun shirt capable of holding up to Louisiana’s hot, humid summers is no simple feat. However, our lightweight viscose fabric blend of bamboo, cotton and spandex does just that! Plus, in addition to offering UV protection, our use of bamboo viscose creates an unbelievably soft shirt that’s equally at home on the water or out on the town.

Crescent City Sun Shirts, Men's in Cool Mint

UPF 45 Sun Protection

Rayward Apparel’s mission has never been to avoid the sun. Instead, our mission is creating a better, safer way to enjoy the outdoors. We sum this up as: More Adventure. Less Exposure. Practically speaking, this means that every Rayward product features a UPF rating of 30 or greater (most being much greater). The Crescent City sun shirt is no exception, offering certified UPF 45 protection rated to block 97.8% of UV rays. This is trustworthy UV protection without the messy (and costly) drawbacks of sunscreen lotion.

New Shirt. Same Mission.

With our expanded lineup of UV-protective sun shirts, Rayward Apparel remains devoted to shielding you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. At the same time, we believe staying safe doesn’t mean hiding indoors. This is why our sun protective clothing and accessories don’t compromise style, comfort or performance for the sake of UV protection. To shop our new Crescent City collection, visit our online store.