Introducing Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket Hat

Rayward Apparel

Great news—we’ve expanded the Rayward Apparel sun protection collection with the launch of our first hat, the Sun Ops UPF Bucket Hat. Designed for all-day UV protection, the Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket hat blends performance with multi-season comfort and style. You can shop our highly-anticipated Sun Ops bucket hat now, or continue below for product features!

UPF 50+ Protection

The Sun Ops bucket hat features everything you need in wearable sun protection (and nothing you don’t). Of its many features, the most critical is its UPF 50+ sun protection rating. This is achieved through a semi-reflective polyester fabric that blocks greater than 98% of damaging UV rays.

Lightweight & Breathable

Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops bucket hat features a lightweight polyester/spandex blend to keep weight down (and sun out). The unlined interior serves as a vent, minimizing trapped heat and allowing your head to regulate its temperature. Additionally, the polyester blend helps wick moisture away from your head. The quick-drying fabric draws in sweat, for example, to quickly evaporate and keep you dry.

Shapeable 3” Brim on the Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket Hat

A 360-degree brim wraps around the crown, supported by a soft, shapeable foam layer. This allows you to angle the brim up or down to suit your sun protection needs. The Sun Ops bucket hat’s 3” brim is perfect for all-purpose sun protection. Any smaller and you sacrifice all-important sun protection, but any larger and weight or bulk could become an issue.

Rayward Apparel's Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket Hat, Navy Blue

Adjustable Fit

Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops UPF 50+ bucket hat is available in two sizes, Small/Medium (S/M) and Large/Extra Large (L/XL), based on head circumference. The S/M measures 58 cm around the crown, while the L/XL measures 62 cm around. The circumference is further adjustable with an elastic drawcord, allowing for a custom fit. This discreet drawcord is at the rear of the crown, directly above the brim, and can be adjusted with ease. An adjustable chin strap provides additional security and can be tightened to prevent the bucket hat from flying away. Check out our additional guide for finding the perfect fit for your bucket hat!

The Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket Hat is Travel-friendly & Packable

Sun protection apparel is no good if left at home. With that in mind, we prioritized both portability and packability with the Sun Ops UPF bucket hat. Thanks to its soft brim and crushable crown, simply roll, fold or toss the Sun Ops bucket hat into any bag. Additionally, its trivial weight won’t burden your pack (or your head) when traveling light.

Sensible Style

One thing you’ll notice right away about Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops UPF 50+ bucket hat is its minimalistic, yet sensible style. The front of the crown features a single embroidered ‘Rayward Apparel’ logo, and our lightweight fabric allowed us to do away with eyelets. The fabric color options are equally sensible, launching in both Navy Blue and Glacier Gray. For reduced glare, each color pairs with a dark underbrim.

Most Importantly… Our Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket Hat is Available Now!

Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket Hats are available now. For maximum sun protection and outdoor comfort, pair the Sun Ops bucket hat with our new UV-protective neck gaiter and lightweight sun hoodie, both available now!

Plus, 5% of Rayward Apparel’s online sales, including those from purchases of the Sun Ops bucket hat, are donated to the Melanoma Research Alliance. This funds critical research and supports skin cancer treatment. You make this possible, all while encouraging us to pursue our mission: More Adventure. Less Exposure.