UV Protection For Hiking

Rayward Apparel

The best sun protection for hiking comes from UV protection hiking shirts. In addition to being the most effective defense against sun damage, UV protection hiking shirts are often designed with impressive outdoor performance qualities. This includes improved breathability, lightweight materials, temperature regulating fabrics and durable construction. Rayward Apparel’s UV protection hiking shirts, such as our Shoreline collection of sun shirts, check every box when it comes to outdoor performance, comfort and sun protection. 

Hiking with UV Protection Sun Shirt

Choose UPF 30 & Greater for Maximum Protection When Hiking

The best UV protection hiking shirt will have at least UPF 30 sun protection. UPF 50+ is the highest achievable rating, and is awarded to fabrics that are certified to block greater than 98% of UV rays. Every single one of Rayward Apparel’s products are certified to at least UPF 30, consistent with recommendations by the Skin Cancer Association, essentially providing the apparel equivalent of SPF sunscreen. For example, our Shoreline sun shirts are UPF 50+, and our Crescent City shirts are UPF 45. Fortunately, unlike sunscreen, UV hiking shirts offer all-day protection, among other benefits.

UV Protection Hiking Shirts vs Sunscreen

In comparing UPF apparel to sunscreen, you’ll realize several advantages of choosing a UV protection hiking shirt instead of sunscreen lotion. First off, UV hiking shirts don’t need to be reapplied. With sunscreen, you’ll need to reapply every 1-2 hours, and often without the help of a mirror. Second, UPF hiking shirts will save you money in the long run compared to costly sunscreen, which may cost a few dollars per 1 oz application. Additionally, sunscreen adds more weight to your pack. For these reasons and more, rely on UV protection hiking shirts as much as possible, using sunscreen only to cover those areas of your face and body not protected with UPF fabrics.

Not All UV Protection Hiking Shirts Are the Same

When choosing a UV protection hiking shirt, there are certainly do’s and don’ts. Do look for a certified UPF rating. Don’t skimp on quality fabrics. Depending on your needs, you may want an ultralight polyester blend, or perhaps a more breathable bamboo viscose blend. Do choose a durable hiking shirt that’ll withstand abrasion. Don’t settle for something that would look out of place anywhere other than the trail. Nothing has to prevent a quality UV hiking shirt from also being the type of stylish and comfortable apparel you’d wear before or after a hike.  Do choose a fast-drying and moisture-wicking shirt, especially for hot weather hiking. Fortunately, all of Rayward Apparel’s UV protection hiking shirts hit the do’s and dodge the don’ts.

Hikers at sunrise with UV protection apparel

Sun Protection That Lasts

Unlike sunscreen applications that are only good for 1-2 hours (and less if you’re sweating or swimming), the sun protection offered by UPF hiking shirts lasts for the entire duration of your hike. In fact, Rayward Apparel’s UV hiking shirts hold their UPF ratings for the life of each garment, even after laundering. Whatever the reason for your hike, be it for relaxing, exercise, escape or any other reason, make the most of your hike by trusting UV protection hiking apparel that lasts as long as your hike. 

Effortless Sun Protection = Effective Sun Protection

When designed with broad spectrum UV protection, clothing is the most effective form of sun protection. Firstly, it’s hard to incorrectly apply a UV protection hiking shirt. UPF apparel is working the instant you put it on. Simply put, if your skin is covered, then you are protected. And remember, you don’t need to reapply UPF apparel, as you would with sunscreen. These and the benefits outlined above add up to simple, effortless sun protection. As is to be expected, the simpler the sun protection, the safer the sun protection. Keep it simple and keep your skin safe by hiking with UV protection hiking apparel.

Rayward Apparel’s UV protection hiking shirts are available for men and women, featuring short sleeve, long sleeve and hooded. All of Rayward Apparel’s hiking sun shirts are lightweight, soft breathable and feature UPF sun protection—perfect for your next hike!