What Is The Easiest Sun Protection?

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As easy as it is to get a sunburn, it’s also very easy to entirely avoid sun damage. In fact, properly protecting oneself from sun damage only takes a little intention, a few steps and the right apparel. Plus, the more you practice sun safety, the more it becomes second nature. And this is the ultimate goal, making sun protection a habit. The key to habitual sun safety, and ultimately to keeping sun protection simple, of course, is in wearing the right clothing. Continue reading to see why UPF apparel provides the easiest sun protection—even easier than sunscreen!

UPF-rated Apparel Eliminates Guesswork from Sun Protection

Various fabrics provide a vast range of UV protection, with some offering barely enough to pass as a weak sunscreen with an SPF of 5. This is because many variables, including the material, density, weight, color, fit and age, determine a fabric’s sun protection properties. Identify clothing tested and rated specifically for its UV protection and eliminate the guesswork. The UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating indicates this protection level.

Based on the U.S. testing standard for sun protective fabrics, AATCC Test Method 183, the highest possible rating is UPF 50+. To provide the easiest sun protection, Rayward Apparel exclusively produces UPF apparel and accessories rated UPF 30 or greater. While this approach may be more difficult for us, it translates into easier UV protection for you—and that’s most important.

Leave the Stopwatch at Home

Even sunscreen isn’t without fault. We like to think that sunscreen is easy to use, and that we’re pretty good at using it. In reality, however, there’s just enough timing and guesswork involved to leave room for costly (and painful) mistakes. At the beach, for instance, you need to remember when you last applied sunscreen, account for time spent in the water, and reapply sunscreen at least every two hours—all while still trying to have fun. Another reason UPF clothing offers easier sun protection? It doesn’t require reapplication. Unlike sunscreen, our UPF apparel’s UV protection doesn’t diminish throughout the day.

Timer to measure sunscreen application

For the Easiest Sun Protection, Seeing Is Believing

One of the most difficult aspects of sun protection can be knowing if you’re fully covered. With sunscreens that blend into your skin, it’s hard to know which spots were covered, and which were missed. In pleasant contrast, UPF apparel makes it easy to know what’s protected from UV rays. With UV protection clothing, it’s simply a matter of checking for exposed skin. If any skin is uncovered, then you need to complement your UPF apparel with sunscreen. If the fabric covers the area in question, then rest assured—you’re protected. Sun protection doesn’t get any easier than that!

Easier Sun Protection at a Moment’s Notice

One of the easiest things about trusting UPF clothing for your sun protection is that it’s effective instantly. Most broad-spectrum sunscreens come with a recommendation to wait 15-30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. If and when you need to protect your skin, the easiest sun protection method is the one that doesn’t require time-consuming application followed by a waiting period of 15-30 minutes. You should not ignore this crucial step, but you may find yourself wishing you had applied sunscreen earlier. The easier sun protection alternative? Throw on your UPF rated apparel, which offers the protective equivalent of a similarly rated SPF sunscreen. Plus, unlike broad spectrum sunscreen, UPF apparel protects instantly and easily.

Sunny landscape in Oregon

Easy Sun Protection Means No Hard-to-Pronounce Sunscreen Ingredients

Much has been made of the potential side effects of sunscreen ingredients, both on the environment and our bodies. So much so, that the stress of choosing the right sunscreen, or the fear of choosing the wrong sunscreen, leads some to skip sunscreen altogether. The easier alternative, of course, would be sun protection apparel. With UPF apparel, you need not worry about absorbing hard-to-pronounce sunscreen chemicals into your skin. Plus, wearing our Crescent City or Sun Bound bamboo shirts in the ocean poses no risk to coral reefs and other sea life.

No Lotion, No Mess

We hope you never have to learn this one the hard way, but sometimes travel and adventure don’t make for ideal sunscreen transport. There’s nothing easy about cleaning a suitcase full of clothes after the cap to your sunscreen opens up mid-flight. Additionally, sunscreen adds weight to your pack and luggage. This can even add to your travel expenses (we’re looking at you, Spirit Airlines). Skip the hassle, avoid the mess and pack less by simplifying your sun protection with UPF apparel that doubles as sun block.

Packing easy sun protection clothing in luggage

To enjoy the easiest sun protection, start with quality UPF apparel, such as the Sun Bound or Crescent City collections of shirts from Rayward Apparel. Both crafted from viscose of bamboo, our Sun Bound and Crescent City shirts are ultra soft, lightweight and block 98% of damaging UV rays. They’re the easiest sun protection decision you can make!

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