Showcase Your Brand with Wholesale Custom Bucket Hats

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Key Highlights

  • Custom bucket hats are a trendy and popular headwear option that can showcase your brand.
  • They provide excellent sun protection with their wide brim and UPF 50+ certification, making them ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Wholesale customisable bucket hats offer the opportunity to customize them with your logo as well as select fabric colors and style, ensuring maximum brand visibility.
  • The personal touch of a custom design sets your bucket hats apart from generic options. You can create unique designs that are truly yours.
  • UV rays can be harmful to the skin, but with UPF certified custom embroidered bucket hats, you can ensure you are properly protected.
  • Wholesale pricing make it easy and much more cost effective to order in bulk and cater to various events and retail opportunities.


Embark on a journey to elevate your brand presence with wholesale custom bucket hats. These versatile accessories not only provide UPF 50+ sun protection but also offer a canvas for your own design and personal touch. One of the most popular styles is to embroider a logo on the front of the personalized bucket hat, but the possibilities are endless. From outdoor events to corporate settings, these trendy headwear pieces are ideal for various occasions. And from a cost perspective you can't beat the price - we provide a significant wholesale discount for any of our custom services to make sure our clients get the best deal possible. Stay tuned to discover how personalized bucket hats can define your brand identity and make a lasting impression.

Elevate Your Brand with Wholesale Custom Bucket Hats

Crafting a unique identity for your brand is crucial in today's competitive market. Wholesale custom bucket hats offer a versatile way to showcase your logo design and brand colors effectively, while providing a product that is paramount when it comes to proper UV protection and skin cancer prevention. These customisable bucket hats not only provide sun protection but also serve as much needed headwear for outdoor activities. A perfect fit and comfortable wide brim ensure that customers will love wearing the hats, becoming walking billboards for your brand. Leveraging the power of customization and high-quality printing, these resonate with real people seeking both style and functionality.

The Importance of Color Selection in Brand Recognition

When selecting colors for your wholesale custom bucket hats, consider the psychological impact each hue has on brand recognition. Colors can evoke specific emotions or associations linked to your brand identity. For example, bold and vibrant colors may convey energy and youthfulness, while muted tones suggest sophistication and elegance. By strategically choosing colors that align with your brand values, you can enhance recognition and create a lasting impression on your target audience.

With our custom process, you can select the fabric color of the top, the brim edge, as well as the bottom. This allows you to create very eye catching and unique designs, the type of designs that will appeal to your customers. You can also select the color of any embroideries or patches included on the hat. We have over 50 UPF certified fabric colors to choose from, so you're sure to find a color you like.

Custom Logo Placement for Maximum Visibility

When it comes to wholesale custom bucket hats, strategic logo placement is key for maximum brand visibility. Placing your logo prominently on the front of the hat ensures that it catches attention effortlessly, but you can also customize the size and orientation as well to further customize the design. Opting for vibrant colors or contrasting tones can further enhance the visibility of your logo, especially in outdoor settings or events. And if you're logo isn't a style that can be easily embroidered, we can also design and include a patch which provides more versatility from a design standpoint. You can even do both if you want. By incorporating your logo design smartly into the sun hat, you can create a lasting impression on your audience and increase brand recognition significantly especially if you brand is aligned with outdoor activities where UV protection is paramount.


Finding the perfect balance of comfort and UV protection

UPF 50 Stripe inside hat

When designing wholesale custom bucket hats, finding the perfect balance of comfort and UV protection is crucial. We always recommend wide brim styles for enhanced sun protection during outdoor activities. Our typical sizes are S/M which is a 58cm circumference, and L/XL which is a 62cm circumference. We've found this sizing appeals to just about everyone, the biggest and smallest heads alike. However, if you are looking for more or different sizing we are happy to make those adjustments. Our UPF certified polyester is not only super lightweight, but provides both comfort and defense against UV rays, making it the perfect accessory for any outdoor activity. By focusing on these aspects, you can create hats that not only look good but also prioritize the wearer's well-being in various outdoor settings.

The Design Process: Bringing Your Personalized Bucket Hats to Life

Through the design process with our team, your wholesale custom bucket hats transform from concepts to reality. Starting with branding strategies, you'll define your purpose - some of our clients use this as a means of outfitting their team while others use it for resale in a retail environment. Embroidery or patches add unique flair, enhancing brand visibility. Prototyping ensures quality standards are met before bulk production, and we work with you to establish clear timing expectations for completion. This process merges creativity with practicality, promising a sun protection staple that align with your brand vision. And once the design process is completed, we handle the production and ship the finished product directly to you. We do all the heavy lifting and make this process as seamless as possible for our clients.

1. Initial Concept Development and Branding Strategy

Sample of design mockup for hat

Creating wholesale custom bucket hats begins with conceptualization and branding strategies. Understanding your target audience is crucial in designing hats that resonate with their preferences. Incorporating logo design that complements your brand identity is essential for brand recognition. We work with you to select logo placement(s), embroidery style and color, fabric colors, sizing, and more. Once the design discussion is finished our design team can generate a digital proof of the concept for your approval, making sure the final product is as stunning as you envisioned with the artwork of your logo beautifully embroidered. We also offer a variety of design templates that you can choose from to make the process even easier.

2. Selecting the Perfect Embroidery or Patch

When crafting wholesale custom bucket hats, choosing the ideal embroidery or patch is paramount. The embroidery on the hats should complement the design and brand image, enhancing visual appeal and brand recognition. Typically speaking, some type of contrasting embroidery color is typically recommended to ensure the logo is easily identified. If you don't have the embroidery file for your logo we will happily produce that and guarantee high-quality stitching to ensure longevity and a professional finish. Alternatively, patches offer a versatile and trendy option, adding a unique touch and providing a little more flexibility for intricate designs. Selecting the right embroidery or patch can elevate your custom bucket hats, making them stand out in a sea of lower quality headwear options.

3. Prototyping and Sample Approval: Ensuring Quality Before Production

The prototyping and sample approval stage is crucial in ensuring the quality of wholesale custom bucket hats before mass production. Once we get the ball rolling and have the design process finished, we can create and send a finished prototype for your approval. This guarantees that the final product meets your brand's standards and lets you touch and feel the product prior to bulk production beginning. This step allows for necessary adjustments to be made (if needed), ensuring that the design, logo placement, and overall craftsmanship align perfectly with your vision. Quality assurance at this stage is key to delivering premium products that impress your target audience.

4. The Production Timeline: What to Expect

Once your custom bucket hat order has been finalized, the production timeline includes creating a sample for your approval before full-scale manufacturing. This step ensures that the final product matches your vision, but it's not a required step if it's a rush order. Expect a turnaround time from pricing approval to the delivery of the finished product to be somewhere in the ballpark of 6-10 weeks. We can give a firmer expectation as we understand the specific needs. If a prototype is requested prior to bulk production, please allow an additional 4 weeks. It's crucial to factor in this timeline when planning for events or product launches to ensure timely delivery of your branded merchandise. And because everything is completely customized just for you it takes time for everything to be done correctly.

Practical Uses of Wholesale Customisable Bucket Hats

Corporate events and team building activities benefit from the trendy headwear. Customer loyalty gifts and giveaways adorned with custom logos enhance brand visibility. Outdoor events and festivals find appeal in the sun protection offered, including bucket and booney hats. Retail opportunities abound when selling custom bucket hats to the public. Whether for sun protection or as fashionable accessories, wholesale custom bucket hats cater to a wide range of practical uses.

Corporate Events and Team Building Activities

For corporate events and team building activities, wholesale custom boonie hats offer a practical and stylish solution. Elevate your team's unity with branded headwear that showcases your company logo. Not only do these personalized bucket hats provide sun protection for outdoor activities, but they also promote a sense of belonging and team spirit. These can be tailored to suit your specific branding needs, making them the perfect addition to your corporate wardrobe.

Customer Loyalty Gifts and Giveaways

When it comes to customer loyalty gifts and giveaways, custom embroidered bucket hats are a fantastic choice. By offering branded merchandise as rewards or gifts, you can strengthen customer relationships and enhance brand visibility. And with our wholesale discount, it's a low cost option to ensure customer satisfaction. These not only provide practical sun protection but also serve as stylish accessories that customers will appreciate and a chance for them to represent your brand. With options for custom logo placement and unique design features, you can add a personal touch to your giveaways, making them memorable and valued by your customers. Consider wholesale custom bucket hats for your loyalty programs to leave a lasting impression.

Merchandise for outdoor events and Festivals

David Hasselhogs Bucket Hat

For outdoor events and festivals, wholesale custom bucket hats are a must-have promotional item. These customizable boonie hats not only offer UPF sun protection but also serve as stylish merchandise. The wide brim provides excellent coverage during sunny days, making them ideal for outdoor activities, while keeping them cool by utilizing a super lightweight polyester fabric. With options like logo design and customization, these add a personal touch to any event. Their trendy appeal and practical sun protection make them a hit among attendees. Take your branding to the next level at outdoor events with these versatile accessories.

Retail Opportunities: Selling Your Custom Hats

When it comes to retail opportunities, selling your custom hats is a no brainer, especially for outdoor retailers and adventure type businesses. After any adventure many customers actively seek products to bring home with them that serve as a reminder of their experience, they seek products that reflect the brand or business. This is especially true with charter fishing companies, who need custom fishing hats more than most for the constant UV exposure they face on the water. With options for logo placement and unique design features, your products can stand out in stores or online and provide a low cost and versatile offering for your customers to purchase. From outdoor events to everyday fashion, these appeal to a wide audience seeking both sun protection and fashionable accessories. Providing a mix of quality, customization, and style can drive sales and brand visibility.


In conclusion, wholesale custom bucket hats offer a unique opportunity to showcase and elevate your brand. The color selection, logo placement, and design features play crucial roles in enhancing brand recognition and visibility, and we will work with you every step of the way to make sure the design is perfect. Our products are not only some of the most comfortable and versatile in the marketplace, but they also provide the highest level of UV protection possible rated at UPF 50+. From corporate events to customer loyalty gifts, these serve a variety of practical uses with unbelievably competitive rates. Understanding the design process, production timeline, and maintenance tips will help you make the most of your custom embroidered bucket hats. Embrace this creative branding strategy to make a lasting impression at events and beyond. If you are interested in exploring custom boonie hats for your business or upcoming event, please reach out to the team at Rayward Apparel and we'd be happy to put a proposal together and discuss more specifics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum order quantity for wholesale custom bucket hats?

When ordering wholesale custom bucket hats, we have a minimum order quantity requirement of 100 hats. This requirement ensures that we can maintain the wholesale discount that our clients expect.

How long does the production process take from design to delivery?

The production process for wholesale custom bucket hats can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the design and the time of year. On average, it can take around 6-10 weeks from the time the design is finalized to the delivery. It's important to factor in this production timeline when planning your order to ensure that you receive the hats in time for your event or retail launch.

Are there any limitations on the design or colors I can use?

When it comes to designing your custom embroidered bucket hats you can do pretty much anything you choose. With over 50 UV protective fabric colors to choose from and effectively unlimited embroidery colors, you have all the options in the world to create the exact type of hat you'd like to carry. There are more obvious limitations such as the embroidery height, which is obviously limited to the height of the hat, but from a design standpoint we will do everything possible to make the exact product you are looking for.

What are the benefits of buying wholesale custom bucket hats?

Buying wholesale custom bucket hats or any other custom sun protective apparel allows you to save money on bulk orders, customize to fit your brand's image perfectly, and ensure consistent quality across all products. Plus, wholesale purchases often come with discounts or special offers that can further boost your branding efforts.

What is the best way to clean and maintain custom embroidered bucket hats?

To clean and maintain your wholesale custom bucket hats, it's best to follow the care instructions. In general, it is recommended to hand wash using mild detergent and cold water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, as they can damage the fabric or the printed design. After washing, allow them to air dry completely before storing or wearing them again. Regularly inspect the hats for any signs of wear or damage and address them promptly to prolong their lifespan.

How can custom boonie hats enhance my brand's visibility at events?

Custom bucket hats can enhance your brand's visibility at events by serving as a walking advertisement. When attendees wear your branded hats, they promote your brand to a larger audience. Even when those attendees go home, they will continue representing your brand. Additionally, the unique and eye-catching design can spark conversations and generate interest in your brand.